Bottomless Cup Music is a music preparation service that focuses on the education, preparation, and creation of music. We work with musicians of all genres and levels of ability from educators and professionals to those who only sing in the shower. Our goal is help our clients realize their musical potential through well-prepared, clean, easy-to-read music. 

Files & Formats
We exclusively use Sibelius software and can accommodate versions 6 through 7.5.  While we are happy to take your handwritten music and transfer it to a digitally engraved file, we can also work within your own Sibelius file. We will even help you create a template for your music before you begin work to help simplify the notation process. If you are only interested in the final product, we can present PDFs or coordinate the printing and binding of your music.

All work is stored online in a private folder for easy access. This folder may be shared with other musicians making the handing out of parts more efficient and simple. We will keep your music online for as long as you would like to serve as a back-up to your own storage and for emergency access. If you would rather not have your music online, we will respect that request as well. 

Every project and need is different, so a consultation is always required before an estimate can be given. However, generally speaking, our preparation rates begin around $20 a page, depending on the texture and length of the music. As working musicians and educators ourselves, we understand the financial limitations most musicians face and are willing to try to work within budgets as best we can.

Bottomless Cup Music is:

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Kelly Fenton
The owner of Bottomless Cup Music, Ms. Fenton is the primary engraver and music preparer for BCM. With degrees in Music Education and Jazz Studies from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and Jazz Composition from the Manhattan School of Music, she has experience composing and arranging for beginner musicians as well as professional musicians. 

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Joseph Perez
Mr. Perez is a staff transcriber, arranger, and proofer. A graduate of the New School in Jazz Saxophone, Joseph plays and teaches regularly throughout New York City. 

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