With years of experience in the music classroom our staff understands the challenges, particularly the lack of resources, that teachers face.  While there is a plethora of instruction books and sheet music available for the young musician, it is often hard to find exactly what is needed for your students.  As educators ourselves we know that when we tailor exercises to target our students' specific weaknesses we can most efficiently and effectively strengthen our students' abilities. We can work with you to create worksheets and practice sheets for your students. We can also help your ensemble shine through customized arrangements highlighting the strongest players or section of the band, while providing easier parts to those who are not quite on the level of the rest of the band.

list of services.

  • Custom Arrangements for:
    • Concert Band
    • Jazz Band
    • Marching Band
    • Chamber Ensembles
    • Recorder Ensembles
    • Vocal Ensembles/Choirs
    • Private Students
  • Custom Warm-ups
  • Part Re-creation (for out-of-print scores)
  • Theory Worksheets
  • Practice Sheets
  • Private Notation & Score Preparation Instruction
  • Private Sibelius Instruction