Music engraving is an art form.  Much time and patience go into notating clean and elegant sheet music. When the music is precise and easy to read the music will be performed with ease and confidence. We strive to re-create your music in such a way, through strict attention to detail and customization, that allows your music to be as unique and personal as the notes itself.

Our years of experience preparing music in the jazz, classical, education, and pop worlds have given us vast insight into what is needed for optimum readability in each genre.  With our knowledge of notation rules as well as what is more practical "on the band stand," we can create exactly what you need to best express your music. 

list of services.

  • Transpositions
  • Digital Engraving (Sibelius exclusive)
  • Score Cleanup
  • Library Cleanup
  • Part Extraction
  • Lead Sheet/Expanded Lead Sheet Creation
  • Proofing Services